Sedona Real Estate Newsletters - 2014
Retirement in Sedona


The idea of retiring can begin with a quiet buzzing in your brain as you enter the 5th decade of life.  It can then grow more persistent as you advance toward your sixtieth birthday.  From sixty onward it will begin to occupy more of your thoughts until you reach the point in life when you are unable to resist its allure.

And why should you?  For twenty or thirty years you have been paying taxes and building your nest egg, and now comes the entitlement you have rightfully earned: RETIREMENT IN SEDONA.  If that is indeed your dream, this is the time to at least start looking around for a property.

The values here in Sedona at this moment are extremely compelling. The following steps can help you decide if you are ready to begin moving ahead, and if you are, how best to take advantage of today's plentiful inventory and structure the best possible deal.

First, figure out what you can afford.  Before you spend time and energy scouting properties, be sure you can clear today's financial hurdles.  Financing is tricky.  A stellar credit rating will allow you to qualify for the lowest mortgage rate.  I have excellent local lenders to recommend.

Sedona has numerous properties for sale ranging from $250,000 to more than $1,000,000. There is still a small inventory of foreclosures available, but they are limited in number due to the improvement in the overall market.

What should be foremost in your mind is the need to secure the services of as savvy and experienced real estate agent who can (1) guide you through what is today a labyrinth of choices, and (2) negotiate the best possible price in the midst of these changing times.  You will gain a tremendous advantage having a knowledgeable partner and advocate by your side.

Keep in mind that in addition to offering great opportunities in real estate, Sedona's clean lifestyle has even more to offer.  There is a diversity of choices to do what you want with your retirement life.  How healthy do you want to be?  You can start working out so you will have energy and a strong immune system.  Get in touch with whatever spiritual life you want to pursue.  Get to know yourself, who you are, what you want to do with these precious years ahead of you.

It's a long involved process, but don't worry, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the transition once you are settled here.

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