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Uptown Sedona is considered by many visitors to be the heart of the city. Its general boundaries extend from the Oak Creek Bridge on Highway 179 northward to Oak Creek Canyon and Midgley Bridge and westward up to the top of Cook's Hill on Highway 89A. Residences are concentrated on the quiet western and northern heights overlooking the original town, offering spectacular views in all directions.

Neighborhoods range from older, affordable homes to multi-million dollar estates. The center of commercial activity has been recently enhanced by a pedestrian-friendly makeover which offers a wide variety of shopping and dining facilities geared to satisfy just about any taste. A public transportation system links Uptown with most of the other interesting parts of the city.

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Uptown Sedona Real Estate For Sale!

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    Lee considered the fact that I’m buying a ‘home’… not just a house, and definitely went the extra mile, recommending quality and reliable services, furniture purchase etc., all of which have given me excellent results.

    I truly appreciate knowing Lee. She is a delight to be with and I know that I will always have a trusted, professional representative to collaborate with in any future real estate endeavors.Sylvia C.

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