Village of Oak Creek, Sedona Real Estate for Sale

A separate community lying approximately five miles south of Sedona proper on Highway 179, the Village of Oak Creek (VOC) residents nevertheless enjoy the prestige of a Sedona postmark as well as the atmosphere of a small town. They also do not have to pay Sedona’s 3% sales tax.

Besides avoiding Sedona’s hustle and bustle, VOC also contains two of the area’s more popular hiking trails, Courthouse Butte and famous Bell Rock. Golfers can drive their golf carts on the local streets to the popular Oak Creek Country Club golf course and enjoy eighteen holes of golf under towering red rock formations.

Housing choices include a number of affordable condominiums as well as moderately priced homes, some of them lining the golf course fairways. People commuting to Phoenix find the Village of Oak Creek’s location a convenient time saver compared to Sedona.

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Village of Oak Creek Real Estate For Sale!

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